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Truliner PMMA Denture Corrective Relining Material

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Truliner PMMA Denture Corrective Relining Material
Original Truliner is a PMMA chairside denture reline material formulated to last the life of the denture. The extremely fine-milled powder cures to a dense consistency and prevents the reline from assuming odors, tastes, or stains. Creates a strong permanent bond in as little as ten minutes that will not chip or discolor. Can also be used for repairs and orthodontic appliances.

Standard Kit: 8 oz. Powder, 6 oz. Liquid and Accessories

PMMS Pro-Pac: Softone Standard Kit, Trusoft Standard Kit, Original Truliner Pink Methyl Methacrylate Standard Kit, SS #2 Edentulous Upper, SS #6 Edentulous Lower, 1 lb. Supergel Alginate Impression Material Fast Set

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