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RelyX Luting Cement

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RelyX Luting Cement

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RelyX Luting Cement is the first hybrid glass ionomer permanent cement to offer the important resin cement advantage of zero solubility and high fracture toughness. This is accomplished without sacrificing the expected benefits of a true glass ionomer cement, like sustained fluoride release, chemical adhesion and ease of use. RelyX luting cement is easy to mix, load and seat. It sets fast, and removing excess cement from the margin is easy.
Good to Know
Mousse-like consistency allows for easy mixing, loading and seating
Zero solubility provides enhanced marginal integrity
High fracture toughness for durability
Virtually no post-operative sensitivity for better patient comfort
Package Amount
Intro Kit: 16g Powder, 9 ml Liquid, Spoon, Mixing Pads

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