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Kalore Tips

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Kalore Tips
KALORE combines revolutionary monomer technology from DuPont with unique, patented high density radiopaque fillers to give you a composite with the lowest shrinkage stress of all leading composites. This combination leads to exceptional handling, beautiful aesthetics, durability and sustained, putting the control back in your hands.
Good to Know
Superior Handling, Non-Sticky, Non-Slumping
Easy Polishability, High Gloss, Sustained Luster
Excellent Durability, Less Shrinkage Stress
bis-GMA Free
Package Amount
Syringe Trial Kit: 4 g Syringe each of A1, A2, BW

Unitip Trial Kit: 50 x 0.16 ml unitips (20 of A1, 20 of A2 and 10 of BW)

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