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Fuji Lining LC

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Fuji Lining LC

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Used as a base or a liner under composite resin or amalgam restorations, GC Fuji Lining Paste Pak is the first light-cured glass ionomer lining material available in a paste-paste formula. It bonds well to tooth structure, minimizes sensitivity and provides long-term fluoride release. Fuji Lining LC Paste Pak, like its predecessor, Fuji Lining LC Powder-Liquid, makes the ideal dentin substitute because it flexes and absorbs the stresses caused by polymerization shrinkage, as well as thermal expansion and contraction of composite resin materials.
Good to Know
Minimizes Sensitivity
Provides Fluoride
Exclusive Paste Pak Dispensing System
Package Amount
Starter Package: 7 g Cartridge, GC Paste Pak Dispenser, Mixing Pad, Spatula

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