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Duralay Inlay Resin Package

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Duralay Inlay Resin Package

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Duralay Temporary Crown & Bridge is a self-curing tooth-shaded acrylic. An inlay pattern resin, sets in 4-5 minutes. Duralay forms a dense, accurate, non-shrinking pattern that can be trimmed, handled and invested without fear of breakage, chipping, distortion or temperature changes. Duralay also burns out at the same temperature as wax and leaves no residue.
Good to Know
Very Little Shrinkage
Easily Polished and Trimmed
Package Amount
Standard Package: 2 oz. Powder, 2 oz. Liquid, Lubricant, Dropper
Kit: 4 x 2 oz. Powders (62, 65, 69, 77), 2 x 2 oz. Liquids

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