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Cordless Endo HP Set

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Endo A Clas

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Endo A Class is a cordless endodontic handpiece, which can drive from 120 to 2,000rpm with a torque of 3.0 Ncm (16:1). It has 4 program memories and 4 speed ratios (4:1, 10:1, 16:1, and 20:1). Its very light weight (138g) and portable. Endo A Class has an Auto Stop Reverse safety function that's absolutely essential for patients’ peace of mind while on endodontic treatment. This happens when the preset torque exceeds the limit; the handpiece stops and immediately runs in reverse automatically.
Good to Know
It's equipped with a quiet motor and variable setting mode. Contra Angle is easy to disconnect and has a comfortable grip. And it includes a rechargeable battery with 1 hour and a half operation time.

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