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Alginate, Fast Set, Pouch

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Alginate Dustless Fast Set 1.1-lb by MARK3 has a high algin content, a consistent mix for very smooth models, High tear strength for easy removal from undercuts without tearing, Non-Slump formula for patient comfort and faster setting and mix times providing convenience for both doctor and patient. COMPARES TO: Jeltrate, Hydrogum, Cavex, Dux, Supergel
Good to Know
Faster mixing time, saves time.
Faster setting time, decreases chances of gag reflex.
Better tear and compression strength resulting in less tearing or deformation
Dust Free
More material, 500 grams compare to 450 grams
9 days dimensional stability.
Tearing or deformation of alginate impressions can result in inaccuracy of gypsum casts that form the initial base for prosthetic appliances.
Strength and elasticity of alginate impression materials are important characteristics determining the performance of these products.
Package Amount
Contains: 1.1 Lb per bag

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